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ھر کسی از زن خود شد یارِ من
از درونِ من نجست اسرارِ من


Ahmad Hanbal and the beggar

Ahmad Hanbal and the beggar Ahmad Hanbal, a man renowned and wise, Whose knowledge no one dared to criticize, Would when he felt his mind inadequate Consult a barefoot beggar at his gate. If anyone discovered him they’d say: ‘But you’re our wisest man in every way; When one of us is called upon to […]

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Healing thru Attar

گفت چون سقراط در نزع اوفتاد بود شاگردیش، گفت ای اوستاد چون کفن سازیم، تن پاکت کنیم در کدامین جای در خاکت کنیم گفت اگر تو بازیابیم ای غلام دفن کن هر جا که خواهی والسلام من چو خود را زنده در عمری دراز پی نبردم، مرده کی یا بی تو باز من چنان رفتم […]

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The Hoopoe

“For I am the energy in the creative wave of life. It carries me. I am the wave, I am the energy, I am the thought, I am life, I am, and I am nothing..” After the within moment loss of my worlds, my home having no answers roaming around searching breaking, without a clue […]

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Sheikh Attar, the seven cities of love

I am the lover of light, servant of The Light, The Beloved, through His beloved (SAW). I am the servant of the truly praiseworthy, the glorified, my master, The Truest Mercy for all the Worlds of The Merciful, The Truly Beautiful Creator, The One before before, and after afters – the only name worthy to […]

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Visit my pledged master, the seven cities of love, Sheikh Attar, @
The Hoopoe’s Call,whose warmth is unfailing in my three decade shadow of failures. May he be granted the nearest-ness to the True Lover , in the Absolute Moment of Union with the Beloved.

When Socrates lay close to death, a youth —
Who was his student in the search for truth —
Said: ‘Master, when we’ve washed the man we knew
And brought your shroud, where should we bury you?’
He said: ‘If you can find me when I’ve died,
Then bury me wherever you decide —
I never found myself; I cannot see
How when I’m dead you could discover me.
Throughout my life not one small particle
Had any knowledge of itself at all!’ ”

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Death of Socrates