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ھر کسی از زن خود شد یارِ من
از درونِ من نجست اسرارِ من



These are my mostly completed public-facing projects. As you can see, I am an ‘ass (I am aware of the correct phrase) of all trades, master of none’; If I start listing the useless things I’ve done or I remember whose records I have, it would be a long waste. I think this is enough […]

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Hinabandi Books

NEW الصحفِ ذکر حنابندی اسعد ریاض Subscribe نعت از شانِ محبوبِ خدا ﷺ ھر جھانِ گم کنی اسرارِ خدا مکتوبِ عرف پندِ روانِ کنجِ خدا ھر کہ جانان اندر اندر خویش تر مرو جا مہر و مراد تو میازار ھر کہ طائر کردم صلوۃ ھوَ ربه گفتِ مولا عرف نفسه فقد عرف ربه نعت از […]

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Dante – Inferno Quote #1

﷽ “ I wish to know if man can satisfy you For broken vows with other good deeds, so That in your balance they will not be light.” She gazed upon me with her eyes Full of the sparks of love, and so divine, That, overcome my power, I turned my back. And almost lost […]

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Hinabandi – Poem #1

﷽ In the perishable sight there shall be no moisture, Whatever will be, shall be a mirage; In the foreign sigh of the Hopeful Heart, there shall be no blood Whatever will be, shall be unique; Often I dwell on this consciousness: My Heart, you are in melancholy, will you never again be joyous?; For […]

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– The Eternal Song –

The tale of Mephisto and Mikael. The tale to Fena. Available Parables The Council of Mephisto The story of Mikael and invitation to Mephisto’s Council; Mikael is seeking his beloved Fena, whom seems to have vanished alluding an unbearable seperation to no answers. To end himself, he must end all the undying, imperishable hope of […]

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