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ھر کسی از زن خود شد یارِ من
از درونِ من نجست اسرارِ من

Council of Mephisto | Whispers2Reflections

Council of Mephisto

Ever too prone is mans activity to shirk
In unconditioned rest he fain would live;
Hence this companion purposely I give,
Who stirs, excites, and must, as devil, work.
Vexilla Regis prodeunt Inferni
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While inspired from the tale of Mikael’s invitation to the Council of MephistoCouncilOfMephisto.com is a blog about current interests set in a similar tone to the Books while having no impact on their timelines.

I would occasionally write articles or essays on topics of interest whether religious, science or political. My views in the words of my wife are “brutally honest”, and given those who were already out to harm us and the location of our domicile – she asked if I was going to write, I do it not revealing my identity for controversial subjects. I obeyed. Council of Mephisto as a blog was born. The horn was blown, the ancient council recommenced… Welcome to Mephisto’s Council.

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