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ھر کسی از زن خود شد یارِ من
از درونِ من نجست اسرارِ من

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Depression Support Contact List

*This list I have gathered from different resources over the internet. This is in no verified, if you find any outdated link please update. I carry enough demons, the guilt of a friends life I cannot carry. It takes a moment that leads to eternal despair. I can no further make a mistake and let a mate fall.
Feel free to use this list, just update it and inform here also. : Depression2Wellness

For immediate support please contact your local emergency number (e.g 911). I will do my best to keep the list updated for suicide prevent support lines. Please visit the Depression2Wellness page for directory. If you feel the darkness will never go away, if we give in we will only have contained the darkness within us, while releasing ourselves from Time. If surviving this misery and pain is impossible for a day, imagine for eternities when there is no time. Please, stop. Run to anyone at this time. Ask for help. And if you find no one, even better – know The King is with you, prostate and beg Him. Do not despair from the Mercy of the Creator of all the Worlds. Your Lord. The Merciful Lord of Mercy.

Country Phone # Organization Emergency #
Argentina 911 Some org 0123456789 Somelink.com
Armenia 911 Some org 8/20
Australia 911 Some org 4/20
Austria 911 Some org 10/20
The Bahamas 911 Some org 14/20
Bangladesh 911 Some org 19/20
Barbados 911 Some org 11/20
Belgium 911 Some org 8/20
Bolivia 911 Some org 14/20
Botswana 911 Some org 12/20
Bulgaria 911 Some org 14/20
Canada 911 Some org 10/20