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The name I carry is only an indication of the nobility of those that pre-ceded my journeys in time, not at all ever being an indication of my own nobility. That is an every moment decision I have to make. Most of my three decades I have failed. Most moments in present, I fail. Most moments in the future, probably I will also fail. May the Owner of my Soul have Mercy on me.
I hold no titles of honor, no certifications of the mechanical, no validations of the scholarly, no familiality of the religious;
I hold no association with the believer, I hold no reflection with the unbeliever;
If I have said otherwise, I was a liar. If I say otherwise, I am a liar. If I shall say otherwise, I shall be a liar. Each moment I am a liar, each moment I am the truthful;
Thank God, I am free of the burdens of all these shackles. Free to roam infinitely in gratitude beyond infinities of The Non-Existing Existence, The Everlasting Last beyond Last.
I am not a musician, I am not a poet; I am neither a programmer, nor a designer; neither a teacher nor a student; I am not a writer, I am not a consultant; I am unlettered in linguistics, untrained in epistemology;
I am unsteady in the Maxwell translations of the Doppler effect as a diffraction in time relative to the observer movement;
I am unable to determine the Nash equilibrium in the convex sets of the supposedly non zero-sum game of life continuously impacted by the unisolated effect of the butterfly wings;
I am unhumbly lost in the humble world of profit and loss; I stand accused of infinite blames, all true, none true. I submit guilty to infinite blames, none true, all true.
Who am I? You glanced and called out “Inane!”;
Who am I? Insane! Insane! Yes, a thousand times, Insane!
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