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ھر کسی از زن خود شد یارِ من
از درونِ من نجست اسرارِ من


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These are my mostly completed public-facing projects. As you can see, I am an ‘ass (I am aware of the correct phrase) of all trades, master of none’; If I start listing the useless things I’ve done or I remember whose records I have, it would be a long waste. I think this is enough […]

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Rules of Interpretation

Click here to read the Rules of Interpretation. Otherwise, here is a short parable by my master with the entire essence: tl;dr Ahmad Hanbal and the beggar Ahmad Hanbal, a man renowned and wise, Whose knowledge no one dared to criticize, Would when he felt his mind inadequate Consult a barefoot beggar at his gate. […]

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Preface:Rules of Interpretation Letter 0; Introduction Letter 1: Who are we? Or the ‘who leading to why’s’ Letter 2: Love Letter 3: Bravery Letter 4: Humbleness Letter 5: Graciousness Letter 6: Greatfulness Letter 7: Knowledge Letter 8: Parents Letter 9: Teachers Letter 10: Learning Letter 11: Pain Letter 12: Happiness Letter 13: Laziness/Sleep Letter 14: […]

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About CouncilOfMephisto.Com

While inspired from the tale of Mikael’s invitation to the Council of Mephisto – CouncilOfMephisto.com is a blog about current interests set in a similar tone to the Books while having no impact on their timelines. I would occasionally write articles or essays on topics of interest whether religious, science or political. My views in […]

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Whispers – Reflections Menu

     What started as conversations of love, also became cathartic in fair theraputic essence. From the day we met, our whispers were perpetual, or so I thought. What I never truly had grasped, was the strength of a refined thought. It moves my hands, it moves the worlds. Those conversations for my continuous survival, for my […]

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