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ھر کسی از زن خود شد یارِ من
از درونِ من نجست اسرارِ من

Letters to Shamheer | Whispers2Reflections

Letters to Shamheer

1. Letters
52 (currently) letters for the light of my eyes, Shamheer. I am unsure if I will publish these letters publicly or not (until this moment that is), however content related to the letters can be read at whispers2reflections.com/letters or with post tags #letters

2. Rules of Interpretation
Rules of Interpretations can be read at whispers2reflections.com/letters/rules or get the book from Amazon Kindle

3. The Sufi Understands
– Available as an e-book (if not already will be any day (lol?) God-willing as soon as I click export to PDF or kindle);
– A book to an introduction for the 21st century Sufi and and who is a Sufi.

4. Demons2Reflections (an introduction to my demons)
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My dearest shamheer, the brightest lamp of my darkest hours,

You must find me insane, for I also am often aware of my eccentric or irrational behavior, the chants, walking with the old man stick, the trance like attacks amongst many. I worry it may scar you of fear or trouble you with embarrassment, for you have already suffered much including abandonment. Over the course of the next many letters I intend to write, if the Owner of my Soul shall such allow, I will try to tell you exactly what those moments feel in my observations. Often even I worry if I am going insane, for if my mind has taken complete control of my body, or body of my mind, or even if it is a third? Maybe we can find out and take this journey together, for these changes are as new and mystifying to me as they may be for you…

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Preface:Rules of Interpretation
Letter 0; Introduction
Letter 1: Who are we? Or the ‘who leading to why’s’
Letter 2: Love
Letter 3: Bravery
Letter 4: Humbleness
Letter 5: Graciousness
Letter 6: Greatfulness
Letter 7: Knowledge
Letter 8: Parents
Letter 9: Teachers
Letter 10: Learning
Letter 11: Pain
Letter 12: Happiness
Letter 13: Laziness/Sleep
Letter 14: Success
Letter 15: Symbols
Letter 16: Real
Letter 17: Apologies
Letter 18: Forgiveness
Letter 19: Anger
Letter 20: Empathy
Letter 21: On cruelty, pain and injustice
Letter 22: On being kind, caring and just
Letter 23: Science and History
Letter 24: Science and Future
Letter 25: Arts
Letter 26: Language
Letter 27: Poetry
Letter 28: Logic
Letter 29: Graphs and conceptualizations
Letter 30: Math
Letter 31: Binary relations
Letter 32: Mirrors
Letter 33: On listening
Letter 34: On arguing
Letter 35: On doubt
Letter 36: On belief
Letter 37: On loneliness
Letter 38: On loss
Letter 39: On seperation
Letter 40: On our bond
Letter 41: Quran
Letter 42: Great Teachers
Letter 43: Prophets
Letter 44: Light
Letter 45: Space
Letter 46: Time
Letter 47: Death
Letter 48: Life
Letter 49: Rusool Allah
Letter 50: Allah
Letter 51: Goodbye, union and unity
LETTER 52: Who are we? Who am I? Letter 1!

Rules of Interpretation

Click here to read the Rules of Interpretation online or get the book from Amazon Kindle.


1. Occams Razor

2. Act the Play

3. You’re the truthful author, you’re the lying author

4. There are no isolated instances

5. No finality of thought

6. Contradictory logic implies lack of understanding

7. Be truthful to self. There is no one else. All is one.

– The Seven: Rules of Interpretation

Ahmad Hanbal and the beggar

Ahmad Hanbal, a man renowned and wise,
Whose knowledge no one dared to criticize,
Would when he felt his mind inadequate
Consult a barefoot beggar at his gate.
If anyone discovered him they’d say:
‘But you’re our wisest man in every way;
When one of us is called upon to speak
You scarcely hear our words — yet here you seek
A barefoot beggar out; what can it mean?’
Ahmad Hanbal replied: ‘As you have seen,
My commentaries have carried off the prize;
In matters of hadith* and law I’m wise —
I know more worldly things than him, it’s true,
But he knows God — much more than I can do.’
Look at this action well before you claim
A justice that does not deserve the name.

– Sheikh Attar’s Logic (arguments) of the Birds