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These are my mostly completed public-facing projects. As you can see, I am an ‘ass (I am aware of the correct phrase) of all trades, master of none’; If I start listing the useless things I’ve done or I remember whose records I have, it would be a long waste. I think this is enough to make one aware of my randomness and insanity of delusions. The one unfortunate thought that keeps me careless to validation anymore is it is my last day, so lets just complete whatever I can, if its of any use someone else will release it even after I am gone. Lol. Hallelujah! 
Please Note: All of my words are unedited and unreviewed not only by another but even usually by my own self. They will come to me, I will write if my demons aren’t too annoying at that time, and never revisit. You shall find countless mistakes. Feel free to criticize or volunteer to edit. 
Also, I am unconcerned with any formal rules of logic and grammar. My English worse than my Hindi, my Hindi worse than my Persian, my Persian worst than my Arabic, my Arabic worst than my Urdu, my Urdu worst of all. (You see the obvious flaws and typos in just one sentence right? Good!). The rest few I do not write my projects in, you can imagine being negligible as they are even worse than my primarily spoken language: Urdu. 
12 songs ready for Hinabandi, 9 of which will be shot as part of the Hinabandi: A Poetic Documentary. Available at Soundcloud.com/asaadriazmusic, first two videos are available on Facebook.com/asaadriazmusic or youtube.com/asaadriazmusic;
Whispers2Reflections: Mood Shades
Mostly cover songs with abstract videos I’ve recorded. Some demon always holds me from uploading them. Ah well, hopefully today is the day. 
Asaad’s Hub
Cloud Applications
While all of these applications are ready, already implemented usually on localhosts or electron based desktop applications; My demons and distractions keep me usually from simply clicking to publish and make something available. I intend to properly, if The King Whose Hands my soul is in Wills, launch them as cloud services next month. I also am in strong opposition to reinventing the wheel unless necessary, hence I do rely a lot on utilizing and building upon open-sourced libraries. Blessed are the open sourced developers and their efforts! 
AsaadsHub: Billing and Inventory Management System (BIMS)
AsaadsHub: React – WP REST Theme
AsaadsHub: Angular – WP-REST theme
AsaadsHub: Corporate Communication Application 
AsaadsHub: Whispers2Reflections Theme
AsaadsHub: Web POS Application
AsaadsHub: Widgets & Plugins
AsaadsHub: Marketplace (In development)
AsaadsHub: LiveBot Engine
AsaadsHub: DynamicForm Engine
Software Architecture Design
(Inter & Intranet) Web Applications and Database designs: 
React-Redux, Angular, Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, Mongo, Maria, Sharepoint, REST, Machine Learning, Native and Hybrid iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile Apps.
AGILE Implementation
Customized implementations and trainings based on project or team requirements. As required usually a hybrid of Xtremeprogramming, Scrum, 
ERP, POS, Cloud Servers including EC2, Gcloud instances etc. 
Startup Technology and Business roadmap consulting including SWOT, PESTLE and other general analysis; 
AGILE Project Management 
SEO and SMM + Digital Marketing with Miraat Media 
Corporate Branding 
Internationalization and Localization 
From past web applications like SpeakUp, Whosay to profile websites such as iwellnesspartners.com to samantharonson.com; From investment consulting reviews for Herb something to AGILE and technology consulting for Mobiz; blah blah blech you get the point. Resumes and CV’s are extremely deceitful self impressions of delusional retrospect. 
Intuitive Learning Hub
Multi-Modal learning
Each course has been designed attempting to integrate every lecture 
Theme Development
WordPress Theme Development
Plugin Development
Reverse Proxy Nginx-Apache for WordPress REST
BSc Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics (Punjab and Karachi University curriculum)
Cambridge, FBISE, KBISE, CBISE High School (Math, Physics, Chemistry)
HTML, CSS, SASS, REDUX, Rails, nodejs, SQL, noSQL;
Learning theories
Learning Management System
Papers & Discourses:
Quantification of interference patterns
Epistemic Ratios of Binary Relativity 
Illiterate Readings (Cartesian Meditations)
First Meditation: Epistemic Ratios
Second Meditation: The Odd Perception
Third Meditation: (Incomplete)
Special Children
While I ا focus on individual classes anymore, please know this: each child is a genius. I have learned more from these kids than my entire life combined. I have no certification, accreditation or expertise besides the years I worked with each genius who humbled me each time with their dedication, brilliance and what they taught me, whether on a high autism spectrum or epileptic disorders causing other learning disabilities. Do not ever give up for they it is these angels that are the true warriors of genius, for the world does not understand them and pushes them – and when they bounce back they do it purely with love, innocence and they see a world so extraordinarily unique and true to purpose that those lacking this currency are unable to understand. Please contact the experts around you they are definitely the best choice. Feel free to contact me if you find I may be able to advise or consult you with anything, just never despair from the Mercy of The Creator.  
At the intuitive learning hub my goal is to provide each lectures utilizing a hybrid curiccilum for each individual utilizing a mix of VARK, multimodal learning and music-kineses therapy;
Details on whispers2reflections.com/hinabandi or wiki.whispers2reflections.com/hinabandi-books
Scrolls of Remembrance 
Vol II: Journey seeking The Most Glorious Name (Subscribe to receive free copy or download from kindle).
Vol III: Sama’a Hymns
Nature of I
Nature of Else
Nature of You
Poetic documentary
Abstract stories of a single essence (or individual) eternally recurring to reveal the same love, despair, and love in different times and scenarios. A total of 9 planned episodes. First two are available on Facebook.com/asaadriazmusic or youtube.com/asaadriazmusic 
Currently available in parts as posts on Whispers2reflections.com/hinabandi or tagged as #hinabandi on whispers2reflections.com
Launching the complete Hinabandi E-reader soon on hinabandi.com; Subscribe to stay updated. 
12 songs ready for Hinabandi, 9 of which will be shot as part of the Hinabandi: A Poetic Documentary. Available at Soundcloud.com/asaadriazmusic 
The Eternal Song
Books (Story)
Council of Mephisto (Present Parables)
Evolution in Despair (Present Parables)
The Ancient Council (Past Parables)
Book of Parables
Hymns of Eternal Recurrence;
A satirical blog inspired from the Mikaels fictional adventures and invitation to meet the most ancient Mephisto. Parallel or unrelated universe not effecting the novels, and more personal in nature.
Letters to Shamheer
52 (currently) letters for the light of my eyes, Shamheer. I am unsure if I will publish these letters publicly or not (until this moment that is), however content related to the letters can be read at whispers2reflections.com/letters or with post tags #letters
Rules of Interpretation
Rules of Interpretations can be read at whispers2reflections.com/letters/rules
The Sufi Understands
Available as an e-book (if not already will be any day lol God-willing as soon as I click export to PDF or kindle);
A book to an introduction for the 21st century Sufi and and who is a Sufi. 
Demons2Reflections (an introduction to my demons)
Subscribe to receive e-book or purchase from amazon Kindle
Digital Marketing commercials or or marketing for electronic, print or web media. Past and current collaborations include some industry greats as Robert L. Smith, Emmad Erfani, Andrew Mezzi, Paul Kinman including this and that pictures etc.
Personal Blog
Depression Support
Whispers2Reflections The one book not for the eyes of anyone else but my beloved;
72 Reflections2Rumi
Whispers2Reflections: Mood Shades: Mostly cover songs with abstract videos I’ve recorded. Some demon always holds me from uploading them. Ah well, hopefully today is the day. 
WikiWhispers containing additional information and references including community-sources for Whispers2Reflections, IntuitiveHub, CouncilOfMephisto.  
Hoopoes call
My teacher who teaches me the rules of unruliness of faqiri, trading the currency of pain, and prospering in annihilation. Read on whispers2reflections.com/hoopoes-call

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