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Rules of Interpretation

Click here to read the Rules of Interpretation. Otherwise, here is a short parable by my master with the entire essence:


Ahmad Hanbal and the beggar

Ahmad Hanbal, a man renowned and wise,
Whose knowledge no one dared to criticize,
Would when he felt his mind inadequate
Consult a barefoot beggar at his gate.
If anyone discovered him they’d say:
‘But you’re our wisest man in every way;
When one of us is called upon to speak
You scarcely hear our words — yet here you seek
A barefoot beggar out; what can it mean?’
Ahmad Hanbal replied: ‘As you have seen,
My commentaries have carried off the prize;
In matters of hadith* and law I’m wise —
I know more worldly things than him, it’s true,
But he knows God — much more than I can do.’
Look at this action well before you claim
A justice that does not deserve the name.

– Sheikh Attar’s Logic (arguments) of the Birds

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