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“For I am the energy in the creative wave of life. It carries me. I am the wave, I am the energy, I am the thought, I am life, I am, and I am nothing..”

After the within moment loss of my worlds, my home having no answers roaming around searching breaking, without a clue of what just happened, simply trying to hold on forever to the poetically ironic last words of my love “You’re mine and I am yours. This is not the end, we will never end” – I am here, fighting my demons that have mostly kept me paralyzed for the past 2 years, recreating my worlds that broke. I will not complain. The demons of depression that one finds to be a curse, have surprisingly started becoming my companions of productivity, of my convictions of love. Their continuous reminder that today is my last day, that my times may unveil my beloved’s return, or my return to The Beloved any moment now – keep me obsessively finally completing most thoughts or ideas without a break, given of course when I am able to break the shackles of my demons. Most of what you will find here, are historical. Unfortunately, it has become almost impossible for me to return to an idea once I find it resolved, no matter how lucrative. So here, with no power, with no knowledge, knocking on The Door to True Knowledge and Power, begging the strengths and merit to recreate worlds only of love, where all are welcome. Where the houses of those seeking heavens are burnt, putting out the flames of those that burn in hell. For our journeys are beyond infinities, never ending, always returning towards The Light, never reaching. So come, return, whomever you are, infidel heretic, religious: leave your I, and return. For in the house of love, there is only place for the beloved. The delusion of I must be left behind. For such are my recognized thoughts; all borrowed ideas, all unspoken words, none unoriginal in creation.

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