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     What started as conversations of love, also became cathartic in fair theraputic essence. From the day we met, our whispers were perpetual, or so I thought. What I never truly had grasped, was the strength of a refined thought. It moves my hands, it moves the worlds. Those conversations for my continuous survival, for my necessary fight against those ever-whispering demons of my darkness, became music: they became poetry, letters, books, thoughts, projects – what you may, and rightly so, now call obsession, what I simply find my hearts adamation. The bonding vow, sacred and ancient in nature – holds me poetically caged in incessant hellfire of my own creations. From those hellfires, it is the convictions of love, that allow me to bring some rare pearls possible only from the depths of the abyss of these painfully excruciating flames.

If along these battles what I learn for my survivals, helps you then light on fellow traveller, if it is of no use to you – you’re smart! But, if you have a problem, do it in your domains, and good luck. I am too occupied to care for your validations now.

     The demons of suicide never stop pulling, barely let you sleep, never an exciting nor motivating moment – yet, we will learn, life is one and continous. Now, and after. Then giving up, failure can never be an option. With this in mind, we will find soon we are never alone. Never have been. Never will be. Patience enslaves the demons from the freedom that is Reality. I will whisper this to you, hopefully for as long as I, by the permission in Whose Hands is the Ownership of my entirety, allows the belief in my love to succeed over demons from ending this journey before my natural time. And if it comes into your heart, then remind of me this also, for I forget it all in front of my demons uncountable times every moments. You are not alone. If you think you have no one, (that we always do), then at the very least, at this moment know this, you do – for now: this weirdo.

So, let us then seek refuge as in brightning hope of daybreak, from the demons we can see, and those we cannot. For they whisper and retreat, corrupting the passages of translations in our minds, hence creating doubts in our hearts. May The Merciful Lord, Owner of all the worlds, Sovereign of humanity, save us from the evil He created. The trough of darkness, from settling in, the knots that ensure the enslavement to our demons: such as the demons of envy and the envious.

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