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Who am I?

I am the lover of light, slave of The Light, The Beloved, through His beloved . I am the servant of the truly praiseworthy , the glorified , my master , The Truest Mercy for all the Worlds ﷺ of The Merciful, The Truly Beautiful Creator, The One before before, and after aftersthe most truthful , the most honest , who pulls us from the very abyss of the eternal tortures of despair yet we ask why, for his stations are beyond infinity of perfection, The Seal of The Prophets, yet never (His ) sight exceeded or swerved, nor did it astray!


The heart in no way falsified that which he saw. For the knowledge of Reality has never been more clearly discernable to anyone;from Adam forever has it been Muhammad-in-the-making, towards perfection that is: The Illuminating Lamp , The Light upon Light that is Mustafa, the Chosen One . – for all these unveilings of Time are truly the story of The Only Beloved and the True Lover . These worlds are the perfect love story. My life is only a flawed replication of that eternally recurring love story. So is all.

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