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Why always praising him ﷺ?

This is my poorly interprative translation of my Teachers الله يرحمه original from Persian. I could not find any better way to express my purpose, and how much higher that prostitute from Mecca is than I am.


A lowly woman of Mecca, damned

That of deviation and corruption was her stand;

For if debauchery was intent one had in mind,

She’d partner up, soon as her section was assigned.

Tuneful, melodious, nimble and pleasant of speech;

Not one part of breath away from musical reach.

When the Prophet did arrive to Madinah,

Changed all to loving hearts from war and kinah.

Work of the faithfuls became much stronger

Faith leveled the abrogations of denial monger

The Prophet saw, said ‘Why come now? Behold!

Say is it for remuneration or is it for gold?

Have you arrived to give your neck to best of fate?

Or is your purpose still the one you used to trade?’

‘O Lord of the World ’, the woman spake

‘Nor of this nor that this journey I make

Though come I have here, but of yet

Fame of thy generosity mine ears met

On the hopes you’d bestow a gift,

I’ve travelled far away;

I did so after, poor adrift,

To means found no way.’

The Prophet said: ‘Mecca is full of young men

Would suit you much better to ask of them.’

‘Because of the fights and war,’ said she

‘From the fear of dagger and arrows of thee ;

The fame, defense of your strength and measure

Of your grace, your miracles and that your stature.

Riders of Arabia have become frail of feet

Why then should for the dancer one would seat?’

The Prophet welcomed these words, was pleased

The only cloak that he had, she received.

The Prophet called all to help her in every way,

Give something in return who calls I a friend today. The Companions gifted her of a hundred different kind

She became a woman of wealth, in no moments time.

A woman, O Rusool Allah , lost between inhibition Polytheism to debauchery, vice and deviation.

A word or two she uttered your honor praised

By your generosity in all richness raised

In despair turn her away, you did not. Hold of thy favor on the mendicant, you did not.

You know Attar before your description said

As a compass turned around so much on his head

If he found even the dust of your street

From it each particle anew sun his receipt.

He praises that dust with his soul as he can

Do admit there unto, my lord , for if you can.

I cannot survive without you , leave I not in despair

Take hold of my hand, ’tis a fallen one here.

For the woman did receive your cloak

I too should receive for all I spoke.

You have the kingdom of both gates, worlds combine

Possible unto you to bless us a cloak of divine.

Robe this body with honors of such

The shirt should not be aware as much

With Unity of God embroidered this mind

The hearts like of which no body assigned

Annihilation is the only intent of my way

But you know and are able, so why do I say?

Slave I am and that is all of the heart,

For Eternal bondage, you own the soul, ’tis heart.

I cannot afford to even say this on your way

On behalf of this beggar intercede and pray.

If on foot a needy, poor, some wretched soul

With no means to way of pilgrimage, yet troll

When sees you disturbed a man of quarter

How may one deprive the return of water?

Since you are the man of rank,

Both worlds are your space;

Shed if but some water, on

These lips to bless the taste.

My breast with spit and smoke have

All that is the fill;

Sherbet of thy waters refresh my heart with its spill.

And if my worth’s less of half the waters rest

Do not let me drown. And God knows best!

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